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Feb 03, 2011 at 05:31 AM

Manual vs WM system and Confirmation Requirement


Hello ,

I would like to clarify the following regarding confirmation requirement.

Am I right to say, in a WM scenario,

1. Confirmation can be activated or not activated with a flag. In a non-WM situation, where user also manually enter the picked quantity, confirmation requirement is Not applicable.

2. Confirmation Requirement is an Verification process to check how many is actually picked. If fully picked, user goes into DO screen and enters the picked quantity in the 'picking quantity' field and no change to the delivery quantity which is the order quantity. Then where confirmation requirement is activated, a user will confirm the TO via LT12 and this leads to the wm activity status set to C automatically.

3. If not fully picked, actual picked quantity is entered in picking quantity and delivery quantity is set to this same value. The picking status will still be shown as C, fully picked because the TO is saved. During confirmation, user enters the difference using the indicator and now PGI can happen as wm status is set to C for partially picked quantity. User will process the balance in separate steps. The Difference Indicator is based on comparing the Ordered Quantity with the Delivered (or Picked Qty?)

4. In a non-wm situation, wm activity status is disabled or not applicable. Only picking status is applicable. Once fully picked, this quantity is entered same as the delivery and order quantity, the picking status is set automatically to C. Now, the Goods Issue can be processed.



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