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Feb 02, 2011 at 11:24 PM

Time Management


Dear Experts;

Actually I wanna ask about 2 points.

1st. According to the Labor law of the country that I'm doing the implementation at, any employee with any position is entitled to get 21 days as an annual leave, after 10 years s/he is entitled to get 30 days.

And if a company hired an employee and his age is 50, then the first year he'll get 21 days then starting from the second year he'll get 30 days.

If a company hired an employee with experience 10 years or more then also the first year he'll get 21 then starting from the socond year he'll get 30 days.

I want to know how to make this on the system, how can i make the system after 10 years from the hiring date change teh quota for teh employee from 21, to 30, and how can I make the system change his quota from 21 to 30 if his age is more than 50 or if he has 10 years experience with another companies

This is my first question.

My second one is

There is type of Leave called emergency leave, this leave is with a 6 days quota per year and they are deducted from the annual leave quota.

My customer wants to have teh 2 types of leave (Annual and Emergency). so how can I make the emergency leave deduct from the quota of the annual leave?

Can any one help me do this.

Thanks for your cooperation.