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Feb 02, 2011 at 09:15 PM

Missing Jtrans folder and CMS inbox


Hello All,

We are upgrading our NWDI and our basis team has installed a new NWDI on NW7.01. We will be replicating some tracks from our old NWDI and either new tracks, like xss, we will just import. When our basis team went looking for the CMS inbox it was not there. In fact there is no Jtrans directory at all. It exists at I:\usr\sap\JTrans\ on our old NWDI.

I'm not familiar with this and am just looking for answers while the other part of our team 12 hrs away sleeps. Is jtrans created when we create a track? I did find this. Any guidance is appreciated.

Error: cannot create directory /usr/sap/jtrans ; error while creating track