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Feb 02, 2011 at 03:39 PM

Realignment job is not deleting the old CVC's


Hi Folks,

We have a weekly night batch job (/SAPAPO_TS_REALIGN_COPY) which should re-write the new CVC's( Source) over the old CVC's (Destination) & delet the old CVC's from Planning Book view.

For example for a product :

old CVC's <new CVC's>

APO location = 5000 <7000>

Rest all characterictics remains the same for the product as MX00001, & hence get overwritten by old CVC values only.

Now after the successfull completion of this job run, when I see my Demand Planning Book for this product-location combination of MX00001@ 7000, under the APO Location header I could see both 5000 as well as 7000 listed.

Why isn't it deleting the old CVC's (i.e 5000) & showing only the new ones (7000). right now it lits both 5000 as well as 7000 under the APO Location header 😔

I don't want the old CVC -> APO Location 5000 to be shown here!

This problem is specific to just this product-location, It works fine with all other products-locations.

Could you pls suggest where-in lies the error?