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Feb 02, 2011 at 03:36 PM

Performance Problems Bex 7.0 and Office 2007 Workbooks



we had a performance Problem with Bex 7.0 and Worksbooks in Office 2007.

The Workbooks are created with Office 2003 and runs with good performance but in Office 2007 the performance is inacceptable.

E.g. open Workbook with Office 2003 -- 30 seconds

open Workbook with Office 2007 -- 15 minutes

We do everything what we find in SAP Notes, Whitepapers oder SDN Messages.

For Example:

- We installed all Excel Patches witch descriped in: Microsoft Excel 2007 &

SAP Business Explorer Compatibility

- We set the optimize X: RS_FRONTEND_INIT setting u2018ANA_USE_OPTIMIZE_STG = Xu2019

- We open worksbooks in Office 2007 with the repair Flag.

- We used Flag open in XLS format

But same Workbooks are extrem slow.

We try to create a new Workbook with Office 2007 and it runs with good performance.

But there are 500 Workbooks we didn`t wont to create all new.

System Information:

BW: 7.0 Netweaver 7.01 BI_CONT 7.05

Client: SAP Gui 7.10 BI Explorer: 902

Thank your for your Help.

Edited by: Carsten Ziemann on Feb 2, 2011 4:36 PM