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Feb 02, 2011 at 09:27 AM

Installation Problem for ERP 6.0 SR3


Hello Experts,

I am installing SAP ERP 6.0 SR3 on Windows Server 2003 64 bit for MAXDB 7.7 Version.

Steps: I have followed below steps for both machine.

1. Define Swap space = RAM * 3

2. Installed win Server SP2

3. Installed j2sdk1.4.2_18 and Set Env variables of java

4. Run SAP.EXE and set path of exports,kernel,RDBMS 7.7.

First I have installaled DEMO machine and machine configuration is


Intel Dual Core Processor (Desktop Board )

250 GB harddisk

After installation it is working file.

I have run R3Trans . it is working fine. I have checked sap remote connection also.

After succefully installation on demo machine.

I have been installed on Live server. Please see below server Details. Installation was done succesfully.

manufactured : DELL Inc.

System Type : PowerEdge T410

Raid 5 Configuration

8 GB Ram

Intel Xeon CPU

2.4 GHz

But SAP Application could not connect with database. I used " R3Trans -d " command. It is not showing anything.

disp+work.exe is not working and all work processes are in run mode.


Is it any hardware issue or sap application issue or Database issue ? I am not geeting proper answer still

Please suggest me from above details and let me know it is very valuable for me.

Answer will be appriciated.


Rahul S.