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Feb 02, 2011 at 07:03 AM

Material Determination in DIP for DP81


Dear Experts,

I have some doubts in determining the materials using the DIP for quotation.

My scenario is like this:

1. I have no. of FG products, which are created as Material master in the system.

2. Each material master is having a BOM.

3. I create an Inquiry for a customer for 1 FG say 12345 for Qty 2

4. Then a project is created for the Inquiry and cost planning is done for the BOM and with some other additional costs, like transportation etc...

5. A total costing is arrived.

6. Create Quotation using DP81.

7. Here in DIP profile i ahve entered the FG with the material determination criteria as the Cost elements

8. System is creating the Quotation.\

Until this is fine...

But when I create Inquiry for a different FG material, say 234578, this also i have entered in the DIP, with same material determination criteria for this material as well (cost element group).

System creates quotation for the material 12345, since the condition matches for this material. I know that the material determination criteria is wrong.

but how can I differentiate 2 materials in the DIP for material determination criteria other than cost element. Since my cost planning will have the same cost element all the times for all the FG material.

Hope I was able to explain you my scenario properly.

What I all need is in material determination criteria, which characteristic I can use so that the 2 fg materials can be distinguished for showing in the quotation based on the cost planning of PS.

I can user WBSE characteristic, but its not a good idea, because every time I create a project I have to enter the WBSE in DIP.