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Feb 01, 2011 at 10:05 PM

HTTP 500 Dispatching Error HtrlExtractSessionID()


We have build a Web dynpro application running on a Netweaver installation on server A. THe application displays a button,w hich the users can use to invoke a URL on another NW installation on Server B (Java stack only).

Login in the Web Dynpro application is no problem but when the users try to invoke the URL pointing to Server B the following error is shown:

500 Dispatching Error

Error: -26

Version: 7010

Component: HTTP_ROUTE

Date /Time: dd mm.....

Module: http_route_mt.c

Line: 3049

Server: dwo_DWO_30

Error: Tag

Detail: HtrlExtractSession(1) unexpected Error 1

Any hints will be mostly appreciated.