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Feb 01, 2011 at 08:11 PM

MRP available Qty and reservation not working


Hi PP gurus

lets say I have material A that use component B in qty 1 to be manufactured, the problem is the following

1) If I have 3 orders for Material A with dates say

01-Mar-2011 Order 1

15-Mar-2011 Order 2

28-Mar-2011 Order 3

And I have in available stock only 1 piece of material B I can therefore only release order 1, If I try to release order 2 then I get an error because the material is not available (this is what I want and is working well)

The problem comes when I go and change the date of order 2 to 15-Feb-2011 (to any previous date from order 1)now I'm able to release, and same happens if I change the date of order 3 to 10-Feb-2011 then I can release order 3 too and this is not correct, I need to release orders only If I have the components available and no hard reservations for it.

Note: when I'm able to release also if I check the material availability it says all materials in order XXX are available

Note2: I have setting for only releasing if no missing components

Please advise what settings are missing to achieve this