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6.20 - which patches needed?

I recently finished the installation of WebAS 6.20, already updated the kernel successfully (1509), and now got a bit confused by the amount of other files that are listed in the Kernel-download-area.

Some of these files would fit into the exe/run directory, others extract into a directory structure.

My question is:

Which of these files would I need to get into my system now that I got the latest kernel, and how do I apply these patches (if they don't belong to the kernel-directory)?

I have already read through tons of notes, but I hope to get a "simple" answer to get an overview of the patch / support package system.



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Jul 26, 2004 at 10:56 AM

    Ok, after some more reading and searching (even at the weekend ...) I found the answer myself, at least the most important it seems.

    Just posting this if someone else reads this looking for a solution:

    Note 447925 is essential! I first just quick-read it because of its length, which I shouldn't have ...

    Same for note 19466.

    Hope I will get through the rest of my patching without troubles.

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