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Jan 31, 2011 at 07:45 PM

Select Expert - Expression Question


I know the answer is right there. Im just missing it. So I need a set of outside eyes.

Im building a report for Stock reporting inventory levels. so far everything on the report works. Ive got it so it only report inventory levels that are below predetermined on hand quantities. But it does that for part that I make AND parts that I buy. I want to have 2 different reports - 1 for make and 1 for buy.

the thing I can figure out is how I can build the statement to compare words. I hit select expert then hit the new button. I select the field: {IM1_InventoryMasterfile.ProcureTypeBuyMakeSub} = what? What do I put on the other side of equals for it to know?

Whenever I put this in the select exeprt and get a drop down menu I can select "equal to" then Im prompted to sign into my company which I do then the next drop down box appears but its empty.

Sorry for the newb question. Thanks in advance for looking at this.