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Jan 31, 2011 at 09:35 AM

Adding button in appln toolbar of the basic list of interactive report.


hello everyone..

i have a requirement. i want to add the button 'NUMBER OF RECORDS' in the basic list of the interactive report program.

I added the button by creating a custom PF status 0110 in the menu painter and added the code SET PF-STATUS '0110' in the report. when i use the PF-STATUS 0110 and double click on the basic list for navigating to the detailed list, i am shown the message 'CHOOSE A VALID FUNCTION'. when i disable the SET PF-STATUS '0110' code in the report, the detailed list is generated but the button is not displayed. I used the AT-USER COMMAND in the report for BACK EXIT & CANCEL of the PF-STATUS. For those function codes, i could get the result. but i couldn't get both the functions merged.

Please Clarify...


Karthi M R.