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Former Member
Jan 31, 2011 at 07:18 AM

I can not run the depreciation for particular asset which was not acqustion


Hi Masters,

I have created asset master in july 2010 when i did purchase that asset, but i did not post the asset aqusistion in f-90 up to january. but on remianing all assets i did run the depreciation job on every month. Now in january , i have openend the posting periods from july to march and post that asset aqusisition f-90 in july psoting period., we are using april to march fiscal year.

when i am trying to run depreciation job repeat run in afab in test mode from july to december it showing the error message that, depreciation already done for that proper periods. But in janauary when i am trying to run in test mode, It showing total depreciation amount from july to january , and it hit to only in january month but not to july to december each months.

Now i want to psot the deprectiation for each month of july onwards to january 2010.

pelase reply how to do run deprecaiton for that particular asset for each month for july to january