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Jan 30, 2011 at 07:21 PM

ZField of base table not available in LBWE


Hi All,

The base table /irm/ipcbitm (Chargeback item) has been enhanced with some ZZfields. I want to extract these fields into BW.

By default, these fields are not available in the standard Chargeback Item dataSource(/irm/lis_rm_ipcbitm).

When viewed from SE11, the communication structure(/IRM/MCCBITM) of this datasource includes the entire item table and thus has the Zfields. But when going through LBWE maintenance, these fields are not available.

I googled about this and contradictory material on this - one blog saying that zfields enhanced in base table will be available in LBWE; and an SAP note(328255) saying not all base table fields will be available in LBWE without elaborating any further.

Can someone explain me why this is happening?

I came across some tables like TMCEXCFZ. Can adding records in this table help me get the zfields in LBWE?