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Jan 30, 2011 at 07:19 AM



Hi All,

the scenario: The Bank has sent the lockbox file with 4 transactions.

a)The file Went through. All transaction passed by lockbox.

-- 1st transaction went through as message is blank. How to confirm that the transaction is posted to correct customer account. What are the transaction codes and validation process to be followed.

-- 2nd transaction passed by lock box. But customer number not matched. How to correct this transaction and post it. after posting how to do validation of the posting. What are the transactions for this.

-- 3rd transaction passed by lockbox. But Invoice number was not matching. How to identify the issue. How to correct and map the issue. what transactions to be used and process followed.

-- 4th transaction passed by lockbox. But the amount is not matching. How to identify and correct the amt and make a posting. What transactions to be used.

b) The file failed while transmitting from Bank. How to identify this and what transaction codes and process to be followed.