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Jan 29, 2011 at 02:24 PM

GR Posting- in same batch


Hi Gurus ,

I have a doubt related to batch determentation:-

If I post a GR with batch 123456 of 50 qty of material which exp. date is 28'th feb 2011.

Again I post one more GR of 30 qty of matrial which has the same material,same plant,same sloc and same batch 123456.

only difference is the exp. date,suppose it's now 10'th march 2011.

hence after posting above both gr stock will show the qty 80 in the batch 123456.

So my query is how system do distinguish between 50 qty of materials and 30 qty of materials,

bcoz both has the different exp. date ,so at the time of GI both should have the different nature.