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Jan 29, 2011 at 10:28 AM

Problem in web dynpro ABAP program


There are 2 input fields on first view carrid, connid and one "GO" Button

1) "FLIGHTINFO" is the node under context of first view

2) " FLIGHTTAB " is a node under context of component controller having cardinality " 0..n " ,Dictionary structure "SFLIGHT" (i have selected only these many attributes " carrid, connid, fldate, planetype, seatsmax and seatsocc " )

3) I have created Method "FLIGHTTAB_FILL" in component controller to fill context node FLIGHTTAB

Insert the source code for doing the following:

- Navigate to context node FLIGHTINFO

- Get element at lead selection for context node FLIGHTINFO


- Fill an internal table with all datasets from database table SFLIGHT, who meet the constraints for CARRID and CONNID.

- Navigate to context node FLIGHTTAB

- Bind the internal table(having all standard fields of sflight ) to the context node FLIGHTTAB ( having those 6 attributs).

4) On action GO ->Implement the invocation of Method " FLIGHTTAB_FILL".

5) I have mapped node FLIGHTTAB to context of OUTPUTVIEW. Display table on view OUTPUT_VIEW (for this i hav used code wizard).

Problem: after entering values of connid & carrid I m getting proper entries in internal table. but output view is not at all trigger (although i have created plugs). Is it necessary that while binding internal table with context node FLIGHTTAB should have same no of fields (i.e. in this case 6 )?

I am a fresher, My concept of bindings and cardinality are not so clear so can anybody help me out?

Thanx in advance for replying.