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Jan 29, 2011 at 03:02 AM

Warnings/Errors after interim patch oracle processing



After I finished the interim patch procedure (10084982 file) in an oracle database at the finish of that patch procedure it show some lines with warnings...

Could you tell me if these errors are of concern?

INFO:Execution of ' Command and arguments of pre/post scripts is restricted to be viewed in log file ':

Return Code = 0
INFO:Finish the Apply postScript at Sun Jan 23 23:44:24 GMT 2011
INFO:Got online patch property as NULL for the node 
The local system has been patched and can be restarted.

INFO:Finish applying patch to local system at Sun Jan 23 23:44:24 GMT 2011
INFO:The following warnings have occurred during OPatch execution:
INFO:1) OUI-67620:Interim patch 10084982 is a superset of the patch(es) [  8559467 ] in the Oracle Home
SEVERE:OUI-67204:OPatch Session completed with warnings.
INFO:Finishing ApplySession at Sun Jan 23 23:44:24 GMT 2011
INFO:Total time spent waiting for user-input is 12 seconds.  Finish at Sun Jan 23 23:44:24 GMT 2011

Best regards,

João Dimas - Portugal