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Jan 28, 2011 at 03:02 PM

WAD 7.0: How to have a filter set before execution?


I'll state the obvious and say that I am new to WAD 7.0...

I can't seem to find documentation on this, so if it does exist and you can point me to that i'd be greatful. Here is my issue:

Basically what I have is a Web Template with 5 graphs on it, all of which are tied to Data Providers that are linked to Queries and Query Views. What i'm trying to accomplish is to have a filter or restrction defined within the Template before it gets executed. Where can this be done? If you execute the Template you can then choose from a list of Regions to filter by, but how can i set this filter prior to execution, just so the graph doesn't look so messy on the inital launch of the app? i can't find any type of setting for that in the Web Item Parameters tab or in the XHTML tab.

This picture may help explain things a bit better:

If you need more information let me know and i'll provide what i can. Thanks!