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Jan 28, 2011 at 02:10 PM

Holiday Logic


Hi Gurus,

I have dimension able Called

1. Employee Information,

2. Employee work location

3. Calendar table

I have to take details like How many days how many employee worked in one particular location, basically i have to find daybetween two dates, but my issue is i have only one date field in Employee Work location with flags, Start means the date he started in the working location End flag will indicate the Date he left that location.

When i am finding the day difference i have to consider holidays as well.So i am maintaining separate calendar table which will give me dates with flag information if it is working day flay is 'Y' else it will show 'N'.

so i have created the two Queries in the WEBI two bring the informations one with Employee Work Location Start date with Start flag and other Query with employee Work location End Date with End Flag, so now i can found the day difference between these two Dates .

Now how to implement this Holiday logic since i am using two separate Query to achive my report. It is Really giving lot of headache to find this.

Any idea really helpful!!!!!