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Jan 28, 2011 at 12:26 PM

Determination of Base price condition type depending on Item Category


Dear All,

The requirement I have is as stated below:

There are two materials A and B that are individually sellable materials. But during a specific time period the company decides to give a scheme where in Material B is given as free when a particular quantity of material A is purchased. Irrespective of the scheme, material B can also be individually purchased during the scheme period.

Now in the former scenario where material B goes free with material A in the same order, the base price of material B should not go to revenue G/L but to a different G/L called Scheme G/L. To counter this scheme G/l there is another counter G/L into which 100% discount on base price to material B goes.

In the latter case, if material B is sold individually, then the base price should go to Revenue G/L and not scheme G/L and the 100% discount is not applicable.

Can you please guide me on how to configure this.

The approach I have taken is as follows:

The condition types for base price are ZBPR and ZBP1(reference condition type of ZBPR)

Item Categories to be considered: ZTAN and ZTNN (for material B going as free during the scheme)

The requirement is such that, whenever the item category for a particular material is ZTAN, the condition type to be picked must be ZBPR while the condition type ZBP1 must be deactivated.

Similarly, if the item category for the line item is ZTNN, then the condition type to be picked must be ZBP1 and the condition type ZBPR must be deactivated