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Jan 28, 2011 at 11:34 AM

Stock Transfer between Storage locations belong to Same Warehouse


Hi ,

We have to transfer invenmtory from 0010 to 0020 storage location.Both Sloc comes in same warehouse.

Storage location 0010 is HU Managed and 0020 is defined as a partner Storage lcoation of 0010.

The Step I followed are

1) Inventory which need to be transferred from 0010 was first packed in HU using HU02

2) VLMOVE with movement type 311 is used to transfer invemtory from 0020 to 0010.It creates a Material document.But it doesn't create a PCN ( I believe in this case PCN (not TR) need to be created by system)

3) in LS24 ,

My actual inventory is still available in original BIN

Storage type 922 and BIN "TR-ZONE" has ➖ (sloc 0020) and ➕ inventory (sloc 0010)

4) I tried to create PCN manually for this stock transfer , but system says , PCN not possible for HU managed Sloc

5) I tried to move ➖ inventory from 922/ TR-ZONE thru LT10 but this quant is BLOCKED and so NOT possible

6) Thereafter I moved Original inventory to 922 using LT10 (mvt type 999 ) to clear the stock.

But my question is

1) Is PCN not possible with HU ?

2) Why ➖ ve inventory gets blocked in 922/TR-ZONE

3) Do we always need to do a manual movement using LT10 (mvt type 999) to adjust the inventory in source SLOC ?

AND the most important is , IS THIS IS THE RIGHT process for SLOC to SLOC transfer in SAME warehouse ?


Sandeep Marwha