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Jan 28, 2011 at 10:44 AM

Dump error while going for a change mode in MIR4 for parked document


Hi All,

After doing some GR and MIRO for one PO, there was some GR qty was left and I have parked new invoice document in MIRA. If I go for change mode MIR4 for the same parked document it is going to dump error as message type unknown, saying entry is not maintained table TTXD for Tax procedure. This table indicates that Tax jurisdiction, but we are not maintaining the Tax at Jurisdiction level. I found that user has activated calculate tax in MIRA and posted with some amount, here system will not calculate the tax in Tax field because base amount is not there to calculate, so that field shows "zero". For the same parked document in MIR4 I can see some lines which has value 0 in amount & quantity(already cleared GR's for the same PO) and also GR lines.

Can anyone tell me how can I solve this dump error, I want to delete the parked document in legal way.