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Jan 28, 2011 at 08:44 AM

Need help in Dynamic Actions


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement to create Additional Payments for two wage types 591 and 691 for a particular Employee subgroup and for three personnel areas whenever a person is hired. I have written the code like this

400 *BEK047.01 RECURRING PAYM 591 / 691

401 P PSPAR-MASSN='01'

402 P P0001-PERSK='AA'

403 P P0001-WERKS='037'

404 P P0001-Werks='039'/X

405 P P0001-WERKs='041'/X

406 I INS,0014/D

407 W P0014-LGART='0591'

408 W P0014-BETRG='109'

409 W P0014-ZANZL='1'

410 W P0014-ZEINZ='012'

411 W P0014-ZDATE=P0001-BEGDA

412 W P0014-BEGDA=P0001-BEGDA

414 W P0014-ENDDA=P0001-ENDDA

Apparently above code doenst work . I removed the OR condition and write the code three times for diff personnel area and that works. So i wanted to know what is wrong in above code. Also when records are created they should be defaulted with the amount mentioned in the code i.e. 109 .....but somehow some other value is coming which i havent entered.

Please help