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Jan 28, 2011 at 03:31 AM

Seeburger inbound/outbound mapping options with AS2 adapter


Hi Gurus,

This is the first time that i am handling Seeburger adapters(AS2 adapter).

We have the following issue.

We are using AS2 adapter from Seeburger for communicating with Partners (inbound/outbound).

For some scenarios, the trading partners either sends us a flat/csv file or expects a flat/csv file from PI.

And for these scenarios, we are using the AS2 adapter (for sender or receiver channel configuration) .

Now, the main issue is that we need to convert the flat file to PI-XML format when we receive a flat file from a trading partner or we need to convert from PI-XML format to flat file format when we are sending file to a trading partner.

Since the AS2 adapter does not have a File Content Conversion (Like we have in the File/FTP adapter) mechanism, we need to rely on MessageTransformBean (under AF Modules) to do the conversion for us. However, since this module cannot handle deep structures (nested structures) what other alternatives can we look out for ?

I know we can also go for BIC Mapper which is shipped from Seeburger for EDI to XML and XML to EDI conversions. However in this project, we just need XML to flat file/CSV or Flat File/CSV to XML conversions and hence we want to abstain from buying a license for BIC mapper.

Please let me know what other options can we try in this case.

Does Seeburger has anything specific to do the conversions from XML to flat file or flat file to XML (and not the whole BIC mapper tool).

Regards, Gaurav.