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Jan 27, 2011 at 08:11 PM

showing rows title on Cross-Tab report



I have one question for cross tab report:

How to add row headers(titles) in cross tab and shows up on each page? Rows are the rows showing on Cross-Tab Export window, Cross-Tab tab. There are three rows for the report. Those are most left columns on the reports.

For example: month is one of rows while creating the report,, Oct, Nov..are displayed on the report when print. However I need to put a tile called "Month" on top of the "column" of month. I am not able to do it.

Currently, the report only shows the column headers (titles), but empty on row headers. I was able to get around it by drawing a box around it and putting an text box and typing the header name of the rows. BUT while Print-Previews it, I don't see my 'customize boxes. is there a way for the box i had drawn to repeat also on every page the cross tab prints on?

I am using Crystal 2008. Please help.

By the way, to show report title, I create a formula:




and Insert a group on this formula, make it the most outer group, set it to show on each page. And Insert the crosstab on this group .

The report header shows up on each page correctly.



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