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Jan 27, 2011 at 08:09 PM

ECC to pi proxy connection setting


This is what i did on my ECC box for PROXY setting.

1) Enter the PI System/Gateway info for SLD Data Supplier (RZ70)

2) Enter the SLDAPICUST info for PI System. (user ID#PIAPPLUSER)

3) Create the TCP/IP RFC LCRSAPRFC and SAPSLDAPI with their respective Program ID's that are configured on XI Server.

4) Create the Business System for ECC in PI SLD.

5) Create HTTP Destination Type H for PI Server

6) Configure the Integration Server in SXMB_ADM to be your PI Server.

SXMB_ADM >> Integration Server >> IS_URL >> Set to your HTTP Destination type H which points to the PI System.

But my question is when i go to the ECC tocde SPROXY and click on connection test icon it's telling me to make a RFC connection.

How can i say my proxy connection is working from SPROXY tcode.