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Jan 27, 2011 at 06:39 PM

Sales Contract - Contract Data Tab - Cancellation of a Sales Contract


Hello All,

I am trying to understand how the Cacellation of a Contract works. Currently we have setup Control Cancellation via configuration.

First Issue: When I can cancel a Sales Contract - It does change the Contract end date to what i have input. But in document flow it shows "open" status.

Second issue: If even though I have all the fields populated for cancellation. I am still able to create a Sales Order against that Contract.

Configuration Control Cancellation: 1. Have defined the Cancellation Reason. 2. Have defined Cancellation Procedures. 3. Have defined Cancellation Rules. 4. Haved Assigned Cancellation Rules & Cancellation Procedures.

Workout around solution: If I reject the line item it does close out the Contract and in Document flow it sets the status to "Completed"

My thoughts were on Cancellation was that if I cancel a Contract shouldn't it close out the Contract and in document flow should set the status to complete? Am I wrong? Do I have to use rejection at the line item and cancellation procedure?

Thank you in advance for any inputs on this issue.

Thank you,