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Former Member
Jan 27, 2011 at 04:43 PM

No calculation of base when creating material cost estimate


Dear all,

I am facing the following problem:

I have created a costing sheet Z001. I have also created base Z001 to this costing sheet and also overhead Z401. Base is cost element 401100 and 415000. When I am creating material cost estimate in CK11N I only get overhead based on base 401100, not on 415000. What can that depend on?

I am trying to creat the cost estimate for material 6004 in plant 1111. The material 6004 cost element 415000 consists of materials both in plant 1110 and 1111, could this be some problem? The material 6004 cost element 401100 only consists of material in plant 1111, so this is a difference.

Very glad for any help!

Best Regards,