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Jan 27, 2011 at 03:16 PM

Create new Movement type - combination of 343 E and 411 E


The situation at client is that the stock is initially in "Sales Order BLOCKED status". It needs to be moved to Unrestricted Own stock. So we are performing 343 E to move from blocked to unrestricted and then 411 E to move from Sales order stock to own stock. So to post these two movement types we get two idocs for each batch. In order to decrease the volume of idocs & idoc error handling we want to create a new movement type that can move from Sales Order blocked stock to unrestricted own stock.

In OMJJ i can make a copy of 343 E but i need to make changes to the "Posting string for quantities - BUSTM" for MAAV or MAV4 and others. I need to know what values need to be updated in T156M especially and also in any other 156* tables.