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Jan 27, 2011 at 02:30 PM

Execute a RFC-Model in another WD-Project


Hi everybody,

my purpose is to execute a RFC-Model in an other WD-Projekt in order to use the result node.

WD-Project(A) -references -> WD-Project(B)

WD-Project(A) executed the RFC-Model in WD-Project(B) which is only used by WD-Project(A) .

I provide an execute method in Interface Controller in WD-Projekct(B) but if i call it from WD-Project(A) i get no result! in my context node? But if i start the WD-Project(B) as standalone it works properly.

Unitl now i thought that calling a method of another Interface-Controller will start the hole application, in this case WD-Project(B).

What is my mistake?