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Jan 27, 2011 at 02:28 PM

Loosing custom stuff if i do regeneration of table maintanace generator?



i have added a new filed/column to an existing Z table, its a important config table. As i did not see the newly added my fild/column in the SM30, i guess, i have to re-do the table maintainance generator regenration, but, prior to that i have to check that is there any custom code, table events for that table, right? so i have checked the table evets section (TMG->menu >modifications >evets) and realised that there are no evets, but pls. let me know

1 - where should i see that is there any custom code for that table?

2 - do i need to check any other stuff before am regenerating the table mainananatce generator? any precaustions?

thank you