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Jan 27, 2011 at 11:04 AM

MIGO - Next inspection date


HI Guys,

i need your advise.

when a Migo against Process order is done, it is created the next inspection date. now if the migo is done 2 days after the Process order this date is different.

what we want is to have the next inspection date equal to the production date. i found in that in migo code:

IF ls_mcha_buffer-qndat IS INITIAL

AND NOT ls_classification-prfrq IS INITIAL.

ls_mcha_buffer-qndat = ls_mcha_buffer-lwedt +


mcha is the i batch table, and qndat is next inspection date.

if we create a ZMIGO with an if for qndat that says for example " if migo date is different then production date, enter production date" it is ok?