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Jan 27, 2011 at 09:38 AM

Validations not working in BlackBerry


Hi All,

I am implemeting an applcation which is expected to work both on Desktops as well as Blackberry. I am almost done with it, but stuck with some of most common and important functionallities.

1. Validations: Here I am trying to check whether on the input screen atleast some inputs fields are keyed in (the requirment is scuh that i cant make fields mandatory). I wrote code for this which works perfectly in IE but when it comes to blackberry, even though no inputs are specified the navigation happens to next screen. I cant find why is this behaviour with Blackberry. I have serached a lot on this but couldnt find anything specific on this.

if (wdContext.Current<NodeElement>.get<Context_attribute == null>)
 wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportException("Specify some inputs", true)

2. Resetting Inputs Fields: Currently i have two views in application and the results are showed in the second view. I want to reset all the input fields when we navigate to the input view so that we can enter new values. I tried doing this using in wdDoModifyView method of input view.

 if (firstTime == false)

However this deletes the node itself and all the inputs fields are greyed out when I return to the first screen. I have gone through this thread Invalidate concept for value node and model node regarding invalidate() method but still it leaves me confuesed 😔

Please share your valuable thoguhts on this.