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Jan 27, 2011 at 09:23 AM

Billing plan: milestone billing problem.


I have the following scenerio:

Billing plan:

(Net value: 1000 euros)

- Milestone nº1 20% (percentage of value to be invoice). That is: -->200 euros

- Milestone nº2 30% --> 300 euros

- Milestone nº3 50% -->500 euros

I create first invoice for milestone 1 (that is: 200 euros).

Then, this sales order is modified, so net value is now 1100 euros.

If I don't do anything, the system changes my billing plan:

- Milestone nº2 30% --> 330 euros

- Milestone nº3 50% -->550 euros

but I have 20 euros left that has not been invoiced. I know I could change manually the billing rule and choose billing rule 3 "Closing invoice in milestone billing", but i would like the system to do it automatically. In explanation, the system should propose:

- Milestone nº2 --> 330 euros + 20 euros

-_Milestone nº3_--> 550 euros.

Is it possible? How should I proceed?