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Former Member
Jan 27, 2011 at 08:58 AM

Script Logic with several dimensions' condition


Hi everyone.

I'm new to BPC Script Logic and I have general question, regarding Script Logic structure. Here is my scenario:

1. There are several (from 2 to 7) expansions in Rows. In my case lets say there are 2 expansions called "Account" and "CostCenter"

2. In expansion "Account" there is one account called "Administration Employees", which will be calculated via Script Logic

3. "Administration Employees" account will take data from expansion "Account", account called "Total Employees", while second expansion "CostCenter" attribute "TYPE" will be equal "Administration"

In general it should look like this: "Administration Employees" = SUM (Account = "Total Employees", while Costcenter.TYPE = "Administration). There will be like from 100 to 200 data lines, which will meet this conditions.

Could you please tell me how to write this, at least in general way.

Thank You!