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Jan 27, 2011 at 08:52 AM

CCMS alert configuration from SolMan system


Hello All,

We have a ABAP system & a Java system on our landscape. Also we have a SolMan system with in the landscape.

Currently we want to monitor this two system from our Solman system. That means to say that we are going to use our SolMan system as CEN system & with the help of CCMS Agent we want to monitor & want to configure it in such a way that if any of the system is down then there is a mail send it to one of our common mail ID.

I have some document with me which I got fromSDN itself but need some advise on it that how can we proceed ,what are the prerequisite wich we have to check in both the system.

Monitoring Availability [original link is broken]


Looking for your Hint.

Thank You