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Jan 27, 2011 at 08:40 AM

Pur. req. not created for Dep.req. of Sub. Contracated Material after MRP


Hi Guys,

Pl. observe the below scenario,

Our client scenario is Make-To-Order

u2022 Sales order is created for FG material in plant "0001"

u2022 Material BOM is created for FG material in Plant "0001" with 10 raw materials

u2022 Routing is created for FG material in plant "0001"

u2022 Now MRP is carried out for the FG material, system created Planned order/Purchase requisitions as defined in field u201CProcurement typeu201D in MRP tabs.

u2022 Purchase requisitions are converted into Purchase orders and against some of the GR is done.

u2022 Due to some reason, we wanted to subcontract the FG (vendor is u201Cexternal vendoru201D or another plant with in Karle Group).

u2022 Steps followed to subcontract the FG material

1. Converted planned order into Purchase requisition

2. Converted Purchase requisition into Purchase order.

u2022 Now some more raw materials added into FG material BOM in plant "0001" and carried out MRP with planning mode indicator as u201C2 i.e. re-explode BOM and Routingu201D.

u2022 In T.Code u201CMD04u201D checked to procurement proposals for newly added materials in plant "0001", found out that, system is not generated the purchase requisitions.

Kindly help me this...


Satya Prakash