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Jan 27, 2011 at 05:53 AM

How to remove WT split


Dear Experts,

I have a query on WT split which is present in RT after payroll process and due to two record are present in the WPBP cluster table. My problem is I have one Custom WT for storing the Excess Super ann amount so I had written the PCR for this and it is working fine but for some employee it is calculating wrong ammount because those employee get transfer to another PA durring the mid of the month and for the same they had two valid recort into IT0000 Action and IT0001 Org. Assig. so the main base WT is got splited and my PCR calc are gon wrong. So need a helf from you to remove this slit by creating new PCR but I don't know which fuc. iI have used WPBPCA but it is not working . So please guide me

Thanks in Advance