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Jan 27, 2011 at 04:44 AM

How to roll up from child to master report?


We have 4 levels of reports

1- Continent

2- Country

3- States

4- City

First level report shows continents (Asia, Africa etc) and sales data.

Asia - 500

Africa - 300

When I click on Asia, second level report opens via opendoc passing continent object as parameter value. Second report takes continents object as value (for eg. Asia) and displays data as follows: (One block/row for continents apssed and second block showing details data)

Asia - 500

India - 350

Malaysia - 150

When user clicks on India, third level report opens up, showing 1st block for Continent, 2nd block for Country and third block for showing detailed data for India, like this

Asia -500

India - 350

Maharastra- 100

Delhi - 100

UP - 150

From third report, If user clicks on Asia, it opens up first report (no parameter passing)

Issue is when user clicks on India, it should open up second report, but second report needs parameter as Continent object, but from third report user can pass country object (when clicked on India)

How can we achieve this? passing Asia when clicked on India (both are in different blocks)