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Jan 27, 2011 at 12:53 AM

Deduction with Balance and Total Scenario for Terminated Employees


Hello Experts,

We have a scenario, and i am not sure how i can proceed with it. Client wants to write off the amount in Total WT once the employee is terminated.

For Eg: I have an employee with Deduction with Balance and Totals WTs on IT 14 & IT 15.

Lets say we have three WTs 9001 - Deduction WT (on IT 14), 9002 - Total WTs (On It 15), 9003 - Balance WT (RT keeps track of running totals).

PP 01 2011, I have maintained Deduction WT 9001 on IT 14 for $50.00, and Total WT on IT 15 for $500.00.

When I ran the 1st PP, employee got deducted $50.00 through WT 9001and his balance WT 9003 has the amount of $50.00 and Total WT got reduced to $450.

Similarly for 2nd PP, employee got deducted $50.00 through WT 9001 and his balance WT 9003 has the amount of $100.00 and Total WT got reduce to $400.

Now, employee got terminated on the last day of the 2nd PP. In 3rd PP he doesn't have any earnings. The amount in WT 9002 of $400.00 is the one which we still need to get it from Employee (Lets say overpayment).

If the company decides to write off this amount, how would i reduce it to zero without triggerring retro or issuing any payment to the employee.

Note : Everything should be pre-tax, hence the issue of taxes doesnt come into picture.

All inputs are appreciated, and rewrded accordingly.

Thanks in advance....


Janga K.