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Jan 26, 2011 at 11:00 PM

How to convert org hierarchy XML to CSV/Excel format using PI/XI


Hi All,

I am working with SAP PI/XI for the first time and need some help file conversion of complex hierarchy XML to CSV file using PI. I have done plenty of research on SDN and could find much related to what I want to do.

Here is the example of how my input XML would look like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<PartyMaster type="OrgHierarchy" name="Compass Group Owned">


<Hierarchy level="3" nodeName="Bon Appetit Sector" type="Sector" ID="A00000" refID="A00000">

<Hierarchy level="4" nodeName="BA Division" type="Division" ID="AB0000" refID="AB0000" >

<Hierarchy level="5" nodeName="BA East Coast Region" type="Region" ID="ABE000" refID="ABE000">

<Hierarchy level="6" nodeName="Engstrom, John RVP" type="District" ID="ABE01" refID="ABE01" >





<Hierarchy level="3" nodeName="Levy Sector" type="Sector" ID="K00000" refID="K00000".

<Hierarchy level="4" nodeName="Levy Sector Division" type="Division" ID="K90000" refID="K90000">

<Hierarchy level="5" nodeName="Levy Sector Region" type="Region" ID="K99000" refID="K99000">

<Hierarchy level="6" nodeName="TBA Total" type="District" ID="K9901" refID="K9901"> </Hierarchy>






I would like to get CSV output in the format below


Bon Appetit Sector, Bon Appetit Sector,constant value, A00000, constant value

Levy Sector, Levy Sector, constant value, K00000, constant value

BA Division, BA Division, A00000, AB0000, constant value

Levy Sector Division, Levy Sector Division, K00000, K90000, constant value

BA East Coast Region, BA East Coast Region, AB0000, ABE000, constant value

Levy Sector Region, Levy Sector Region, K90000, K99000, constant value

Engstrom John RVP, Engstrom John RVP, ABE000, ABE01, constant value

TBA Total ,TBA Total ,K99000, K9901, constant value

1) How do I go about this? I think I have to configure an adapter but which adapter would give me the desired result?

2) How do I tell PI when to pick the file from and where to place it after conversion? Could this be done in adapter configuration?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.