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Jan 26, 2011 at 08:26 PM

Umlaute u00E4/u00F6/u00FC and accents in IDOCs coming from ERP



I am facing a problem where the ERP sends me a LOIPRO or MATMAS containing some user entered texts (e.g. Materialdescriptions, operation names). The could from the ERP side be any text containing also unicode characters.

For example the user could enter an "ü". This is by definition not allowed directly in XML files for the encoding UTF-8.

I would expect that the system transforms these values to "ü" for the ü.

My main problem in the background is that the XML fed into a SQL Server xml field generates an error.

Is there any way to transform this except a lot of string replaces? (I am doing this at the moment)

Kind Regards,