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Jan 26, 2011 at 12:02 PM



Hi All,

I am developing a module pool program with 3 screens. Upon entering the data in screen 9000, it navigates to screen 9001.

The third screen 9002 which is to be displayed, is modal dialog box which has to be displayed as a popup.

After the processing in the screen 9002, it has to return to screen 9001. But when I am using LEAVE TO SCREEN 0, it navigates to screen 9000, which in this case is displayed as full screen. But I need to navigate back to screen 9001. So when I use LEAVE TO SCREEN 9001, it shows the screen 9001 which is a full screen as a popup.

Please help me out in this regard. Now I am using call screen from 9002 to return to screen 9001. It works fine, but I know that the nested use of CALL SCREEN will lead to dump, when the number of calls exceed 50.

So please let me know how I can overcome this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Joseph M