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Jan 26, 2011 at 11:23 AM

Howto connect main application with non-reporting application



I am writing my final thesis in master degree and am doing this with sap bpc nw 7.5, which means that I am absolutely new to BPC. I had to learn most things by doing it, but there are still some questions that i cannot figure out exactly.

Within my application set how do i get the data from a non-reporting application (e.g. marges) into my main application (e.g. planning). I know I can store data in a (custom) non-reporting application, but how can i get that data into my main? Do I only have to configure a dimension property with the name of the non-reporting application and reference the account-dimension with that non-reporting dimensions id of the non-reporting account? Can I also do a BPF on a non-reporting account, although it was defined and initiated for the main application?

Thank you for your advice