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Jan 26, 2011 at 01:31 AM

How to differentiate PO and Stock QTY for different storage location in APO


Hi Experts,

We just identify an issue that after we CIF PO and Stock from R/3 to APO, we can not differentiate the specific quantity for each of the storage location..

as the biz fact, there's several storage location under a plant in R/3, and different Biz unit may use specific storage location to make sure not impacting others, they may create PO with single storage location and GR accordingly to the same.

once we CIF PO and Stock to APO, we still have the visibility of storage location for Stock, there's subloc. to display the storage location in product view, so that we have chance to enhance/filter the specific storage location Stock before planning run..

but for PO, we didn't see any field/objects to display storage location, we have no idea how to restrict PO by sl..

inbound/outbound CIF exit may not be an option as there're a lot of IMs running today for other biz, it's risk to restrict by user exit without impacting others.

implement any new order flow in R/3 will be also not an option..

can u pls share any clues how to resove the issue either by system setup or planning strategy that we can easy adjust without impact any existing.. we load PO/Stock by CIF as supply, copy to another version for CTM run..

appreciate any comments.