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Jan 25, 2011 at 09:02 PM

Can i modify my filter screen ?


Experts !

i need help on one of the non technical thing.

we are currently using web for our reports.

now, if we run a report, then say for e.g ; i need to EXCLUDE 300 customers form m y 1000 customers from the reports.

we do filter on customer and then filter those 300 customer and move it to right side of the filter window.

The problem is, now we have to select each customer entry individually and select and then once we select those 300 customer we can press the Red box on the top of the screen to exclude those 300 customers. thats fine...

But, its so tedious job to select 300 customers one by one.

So, what i was thinking, is there a way where we can modify , that filter window in order to get such think working.?

like window..can i press and hold Shift or Ctrl key and select all at once ?

Or any body has better option to deal with this kind of problem.

Please write me back.