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Jan 25, 2011 at 08:36 PM

SRM7 grouping items in RFx despite of multiple delivery date and locations


Hi Gurus,

I need to know for a proposal of SRM 7 implementation, WITHOUT the newest E-sourcing component, how to solve the following scenario:

We are gonna use the SRM7 classic scenario where PO is created in ERP and Shopping cart is created in SRM.

In Plan-Driven Scenario for Third Party Sales Order, TPO will be created in ERP, Shopping carts, RFx and contract in SRM, PO will be triggered in SRM and created in ERP.

1. We have 8 main customers (Sold-To Party), 50 Items, 40 Ship-To (locations) 4 delivery dates for each item to each location.

2. Under Each Sold-To Party, there are several Ship-To party (Locations)

3. For each location, there could be multiple delivery dates.

4. In the Third Party Sales order (TPO), each material could be repeated several times because of the multiple delivery dates and multiple locations;

5. After saving TPO, the system automatically generates Purchase Requisition (PR) in background.

6. For each delivery date in TPO, the system creates a separate line in PR. These lines will be converted into line items in shopping carts in SRM.

7. Total # of lines in PR would be:

a. 8 (main customer) X 50 (items) X 40 (locations) X 4 (delivery dates) = 64000 lines in PRs è same number of lines will be created in SRM in Shopping carts (SC)

8. In sourcing, we have the option to convert these SCu2019s into RFx. This means we will send 64000 lines for the vendors to give their quotes while we actually have only 50 items.

My questions:

1. In standard SRM, is there a way to create RFx for the total quantities for item? i.e. can the system read all SCu2019s and sum all the qty for each item, regardless, of the locations, customers, delivery dates and create one line item in the RFx. i.e RFx should be send for 50 items only? If so, which functionality or work-around should I proposed to meet the req.?