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Jan 25, 2011 at 05:40 PM

Transfer customer fields from SRM to ECC for contract distribution


We are running SRM 7.0 and are trying to get Contract Distribution to work (with CCTR) via IDOC.

We have managed to configure the system so that the IDOC inbound processing in ECC is responsible for creating the contract. However, we are so far not able to see how customer fields can be transferred. We have done the following:

1. Extended the communication structures on both sides so that the customer fields and values are coming into ECC (FM BBPV_CONTRACT_TRANSFER)

2. Created new message type (ZBLAORD) with link to BLAORD03 and new extension (and new segment to include the customer fields)

3. Configured via WE20 the partner profile with the new inbound message type.

However the missing link is how the new message type is going to be invoked. The inbound FM responsible for receiving SRM Contract transfer, i.e. BBPV_CONTRACT_TRANSFER has the message type hardcoded to BLAORD (in form save_blaord_db).

Could you shed some light on how customer fields can be transferred to ECC during contract distribution via IDOC? Is our understanding of extending the IDOC structure the right direction?