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Jan 25, 2011 at 05:31 PM

Design Clarification : ABAP Proxy (Asynch) --->PI (Synch) <-->Mainframe(DB)


Hi PI Experts,

We have the following flow: ABAP Proxy (Asynch) ->PI (Synch) < > Mainframe(DB2)

1. Client ABAP Proxy sends the data to PI. It is Asynchronous communication. PI validates few mandatory fields, if any mandatory fields are missing then PI will generate the <Error> in PI with custom information. A custom monitoring tool developed using the Webdynpro and configured with PI7.1 to monitor the interfaces.

2. PI validates few mandatory fields, if successful then triggers the Stored Procedure on DB2 side using JDBC adapter.

3. PI expects successful or failure or warning message from Stored Procedure on DB2 .

4. Whatever the response received in PI from Stored Procedure, should not send back the message to ECC. The process should complete in PI after response message is received from Stored Procedure.

My Questions are:

1. Do we need to go with BPM for above requirement?

2. Can Stored Procedure respond with successful or failure or warning message?

3. Is it possible to design without BPM?

4. Can we go with the design: Client ABAP Proxy (Asynch) ---> PI (Asynch: SOAP Receiver Adapter calling SOAP Sender Adapter(QOS:BE) ) > PI < > Mainframe(DB2).

Thank you in advance.